5 Reasons Why Adding an Alternative Investment/Fixed Income Product to the Portfolio is Useful

5 reasons

At CGW, we believe in keeping things transparent, so our clients understand exactly how we work and where their investments are headed. With over 12 years of successful experience, working alongside more than 300 Trusted Associates and Capital Raising Partners, deeply rooted in 37+ Global Family Offices Networks, and having raised a significant capital of over £688M+, we’ve gained the insight needed to uncover the top 5 reasons why adding alternative investment and fixed income products to portfolios is a game-changer. You’ll find all these compelling insights in our latest groundbreaking article!


  1. Diversification: Alternative investments, such as real estate, commodities, hedge funds, and private equity, can diversify a portfolio beyond traditional stocks and bonds. Diversification can help reduce risk by spreading investments across different asset classes, which often react differently to the same economic event.
  2. Reduced Volatility: Fixed income products like bonds or certificates of deposit typically have lower volatility than stocks. Including these in a portfolio can help stabilize returns during periods of market turbulence, providing a cushion against significant fluctuations in asset values.
  3. Income Generation: Fixed income investments provide regular interest payments, which can be especially beneficial for those in retirement or who need steady income streams. This consistent income can help meet living expenses without having to sell other investments that may have potential for long-term appreciation.
  4. Risk Management: Alternative investments often have a low correlation with traditional asset classes. This means they may perform well when other parts of the portfolio struggle, acting as a hedge against market volatility and economic downturns.
  5. Potential for Higher Returns: Some alternative investments, like private equity and hedge funds, have the potential for higher returns compared to traditional investments, albeit at a higher risk. These investments can access strategies and markets that are not generally available through public equities or bonds, potentially leading to superior returns.


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